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Emerald City Contra Dance

with the Seattle Folklore Society present

Contra dancing every Friday at the
Phinney Neighborhood Center
6532 Phinney Avenue North, Seattle (98103)
in the "Community Hall" (brick building off lower parking lot)

Dance from 7:30pm to 10:00pm, beginner's workshop at 7:00
$8 admission, $7 for SFS and PNA members and seniors, $5 for students, under 16 free.
First time contra dancers get a coupon for free admission to their next dance.
Coupon redemption limited to first five coupons on any single night.

Please help the PNA achieve their sustainability goals. Consider carpooling, walking, biking, or riding the bus to the dance. If you drive, please park in the PNA parking lots.

Bands and Callers, you can request a gig online.
Information for bands and callers.
Information for dancers.
For information not already posted here: 206-440-9839 or

All dances taught. No partner necessary.
Light, comfortable clothing recommended.
Please do not wear cologne, perfume or other strongly scented products. Thanks!

Our hall has strict capacity limits. We occasionally need to limit entry due to high attendance.

Enough of the suggestions and disclaimers. Here is what you really want to know...

Schedule of bands and callers:

  • May 22 - No dance at ECCD. Instead, go to Northwest Folklife Festival at the Seattle Center. You can dance for 4 days on a dance floor built just for this weekend. How much fun can you have dancing with 500 of your friends? This much. Click here for more information about all of the music, dance, food, crafts, and other things that you can do and see.

Still not sure what Folklife is? Imagine a big party - a REALLY BIG party, with musicians playing instead of streaming audio, and a dance floor MUCH bigger than Phinney. Actually, you have your choice of about a dozen stages for listening and dancing. You'll find food in the kitchen, of course - but it's more like 50 kitchens. And then you'll find the buskers, singing and performing their heart and soul for some tips. And then...

Now that we have convinced you to visit, here are several things to do while you are at Folklife:
- Dance (duh!)
- Try some other kinds of dance.
- Drink plenty of water. You are perspiring, and you need to replace that water.
- Change into dry clothes occasionally (you're perspiring, remember?)
- Take a break occasionally.
- Eat. You're using a lot of energy to dance.
- To save some money, bring some food from home.
- Bring a snack to share with others.
- Drink some more water.
- Check out some of the offerings from the multitude of food vendors.
- Watch and listen to some buskers. Give them some money, if you like what they do.
- Listen to some music at one of the other stages. (Yes, there are other venues besides Fisher Pavillion.)
- Check your bag at one of the many bag check locations throughout the grounds. Thieves prowl around Seattle Center, and the bag checks can reduce the chances of losing your possessions.
- Donate some money to the bag check folks. They are working for tips.
- Drink some more water.
- Change into some more dry clothes.
- Ask someone you don't know for a dance.
- Accept the invitation to dance from someone you don't know. Feel free to decline, if you don't want to dance.
- Treat newcomers to dancing with gentleness and respect. Folklife may be their introduction to dancing.
- Drink some more water.

  • May 29 - Contra Quartet is Jesse Partridge on fiddle, Jay Finkelstein on guitar, Steve Cifka on cello, and Julie Bennett on percussion. Jesse can play about a thousand tunes (ok, maybe 900). Jay plays chords and rhythm to back up the melody. Julie plays even more percussion to emphasize the beat and the energy. Steve holds it all together with the low-end sustain - then he'll probably play melody just to liven it up. In other words, they have everything and then some more. Warm up your vocal cords for a lot of whooping. David Kaynor, all the way from the east coast, calls.
  • June 5 - Minnie PearlJam is Dave Leddell on banjo, Claudia Anastasio on fiddle, Cary Lung on mandolin, and Frank Blade on guitar. (Catastrophe averted, again.) Marlin Prowell calls.
  • June 12 - JDBM is Jessica Ritts on flute, Dale Hailey on percussion, Bruce Larson on keyboard, Matti Mero on mandolin. Amy Wimmer calls.
  • June 19 - Fortified Brad and Steve Band – Brad Reynolds on accordion and piano, Steve Blum-Anderson on fiddle, and Jay Finkelstein on guitar.
  • June 26 - Madame Sophie of the Flowers All-Acoustic Fusion. That's Deb Kirkland (fiddle), Joe Vincenzo (guitar), Jimmy Hall (mandolin, guitar, banjo), & Dale Hailey (percussion).
  • July 3 - To be determined
  • July 10 - Yeah, to be determined as well
  • July 17 - Triple A – Andrew VanNorstrand – guitar/fiddle; Amy Englesberg – Keyboard/accordion; Audrey Knuth - fiddle/feet. Lindsey Dono calls.
  • July 24 - Bob May Redux – Bob May (percussion), Marni Rachmiel (flute & saxiphone), Nick Leininger (guitar), and a fiddler to be named later.
  • July 31 - Laurie Andres (piano and accordion) and George Wilson (fiddle). Frannie Marr calls.

Click here to a printable copy of the flyer

We have updated some of the information about the dance. Click here for details.

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