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Emerald City Contra Dance

with the Seattle Folklore Society present

Contra dancing every Friday at the
Phinney Neighborhood Center
6532 Phinney Avenue North, Seattle (98103)
in the "Community Hall" (brick building off lower parking lot)

Dance from 7:30pm to 10:00pm, beginner's workshop at 7:00
$8 admission, $7 for SFS and PNA members and seniors, $5 for students, under 16 free.
First time contra dancers get a coupon for free admission to their next dance.
Coupon redemption limited to first five coupons on any single night.

Please help the PNA achieve their sustainability goals. Consider carpooling, walking, biking, or riding the bus to the dance. If you drive, please park in the PNA parking lots.

Bands and Callers, you can request a gig online.
Information for bands and callers.
Information for dancers.
For information not already posted here: 206-440-9839 or

All dances taught. No partner necessary.
Light, comfortable clothing recommended.
Please do not wear cologne, perfume or other strongly scented products. Thanks!

Our hall has strict capacity limits. We occasionally need to limit entry due to high attendance.

Enough of the suggestions and disclaimers. Here is what you really want to know...

Schedule of bands and callers:

  • November 21 - Ariel Friedman, cello; Mia Friedman, fiddle (and voice); Dave Bartley, guitar (and maybe some other instruments). Echoing the sounds of Appalachian cottages, rural dance floors and urban concert halls, Boston Americana folk duo Ari & Mia blend traditional fiddle music and the early American songbook with cutting edge influences picked up as students at Boston's New England Conservatory. See their website for more information. Listen to some of their music here (track 4 is really fun). Joe Micheals calls.
  • November 28 - The Luddite Ramblers are Laurel Stone on fiddle, Craig Shaw on flute, fife, and whistle, and Amy Carroll on piano. They closely blend the fiddle and flute while maintaining a compulsively dancable pulse. Sometimes the flute and fiddle sound like one instrument, sometimes one of them leads; other times you'll hear harmonies and different timbres. You'll hear continual, subtle changes in texture while the beat goes on. Jay Finkelstein calls.
  • December 5 - Laura Light, Jeffrey Spero, Dave Bartley at OmCulture. Three masters from different parts of the country join up for an evening in Seattle. Eric Black calls.

Take note! This dance happens at OmCulture, near Gasworks Park.
Take more notes! OmCulture costs more to rent, so we will have different admission prices for that night.

  • December 12 - The Euphemists: Alan Snyder - fiddle, Dave Goldman - keyboard, Jerry Nelson - guitar, sax, Paula Hamlin - sax, flute, whistle, Kaye Blesener – trombone. Really - a trombone. Susan Petrick calls.
  • December 19 - Eileen Nicholson, fiddle; Rachel Bell, accordion; Eric Anderson, piano. Bob Nicholson calling.
  • December 26 - Jesse Partridge (fiddle); RuthMabel Boytz (bass); David Kaynor (fiddle). Michael Karcher calls.

One last note (for now). During December 27-29, Phinney refinishes the floor. Brush those shoes well prior to the next dance on January 2nd!

  • January 2 - Contra Sutra: Marni Rachmiel – flute, saxophone. Ryan McKasson – fiddle, viola. Dave Bartley – guitar, mandolin, etc. Russell S. - percussion. David Kaynor calls.
  • January 9 - Still up in the air
  • January 16 - Countercurrent is Alex Sturbaum (guitar, vocals) and Brian Lindsay (fiddle, feet, vocals). Listen to one of their sets here.
  • January 23 - Tapsalteerie: Jon Singleton – fiddle, Clare Woolgrove – concertina, Nick Leininger – guitar, Sam Good – bass.

Click here to a printable copy of the flyer

It's no longer summer. That means it's that time of the year when we have some really large crowds.

Yes, really large - so much so that we need to comply with the occupancy limit of the room set by the City of Seattle.
- We can have 150 people in the room, period. That number includes the musicians, callers, guests of the performers, dancers, volunteers, children, adults acting like children, observers, babies, and other categories of people not yet identified. In other words, we can have 150 people in the room, period.
- If we reach capacity, people who have already entered the dance may leave temporarily and re-enter.
- People waiting to enter the dance may wait on the stairs, not in the entry of the hall.
- Please form a line to make this part easier. (Ok, the waiting may not be easy.)
- When someone leaves for the evening, we will admit additional people.
- If you are leaving for the evening, please let us know so that we can let the next person in (see item above).
- In the fall of 2010, we sold out about 50% of the time starting around 8 pm and lasting until about 9 pm. In 2012, we had 3 sellout crowds. Unfortunately, we can't predict attendance with any accuracy.
- If you really want to dance on a specific night, then show up early. If you can't arrive early, then have a plan B.
- Sorry, we do not sell tickets in advance.
- Sorry, we do not allow "ticket sharing."

For even more information about the Friday dance, click here.

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