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Emerald City Contra Dance

with the Seattle Folklore Society present

Contra dancing every Friday at the

Phinney Neighborhood Center

6532 Phinney Avenue North, Seattle (98103)

in the "Community Hall" (the brick building near the lower parking lot)

Dance from 7:30pm to 10:00pm, beginner's workshop at 7:00
$9 general admission. $8 for SFS members, PNA members, and seniors. $5 for full-time students. Free for people under the age of 16.
First time contra dancers get a coupon for free admission to their next dance.
Coupon redemption limited to first five coupons on any single night.

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Ok, the PNA didn't refinish the floor as planned. To those of you who meticulously scrubbed the dirt off of your shoes, thanks.

Please help the PNA achieve their sustainability goals. Consider carpooling, walking, biking, or riding the bus to the dance. If you drive, please park in the PNA parking lots.

Bands and callers, the 2017 booking form is now up.
Information for bands and callers.
Information for dancers.

For information not already posted here: 206-440-9839 or

All dances taught. No partner necessary.
Light, comfortable clothing recommended.
Please do not wear cologne, perfume or other strongly scented products. Thanks!

Our hall has strict capacity limits. We occasionally need to limit entry due to high attendance.

Enough of the suggestions, disclaimers, and notifications. Here is what you really want to know...

Schedule of bands and callers:

  • February 17 - Rodney Miller fiddles with a classic New England style and writes tunes with a similar New England influence. Dave Bartley plays many guitar-like instruments and writes tunes with inspiration and styles from around the world. Amy Englesberg brings a 21st century rhythm and flavor to music. Lindsey Dono calls.
  • February 24 - Master Irish fiddler Dale Russ teams up with Mike Saunders, a guitar player that has mastered every style. Expect flawless music for flowing dancing. Jesse Partridge calls.
  • March 3 - Uncle Farmer: That's Ben Schreiber on fiddle and Michael Sokolovsky on guitar and feet. They play dancing favorites with Irish and New England sound at its core and some modern twists and improvisation as well.
  • March 10 - JDBM is Jessica Ritts on flute, Dale Hailey on percussion, Bruce Larson on keyboard, and Matti Mero on mandolin. Dance to a night of music with diverse origins such as the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Cuba, and North Ballard.
  • March 17 - Dave Bartley & the Gotham Carnival Duo. Dave Bartley (fretted instruments), Julia Hartman (fiddle & baritone fiddle), and Jean Monroe (piano, melodica, & percussion). These musicians draw from a huge variety of styles including folk, blues, swing, jazz, rock, ragtime, Civil War era, and sci-fi steampunk.
  • March 24 - Red Crow: Susan Burke - fiddle, Howie Meltzer - fiddle, Chuck Pliske - concertina and piano, and Joe Micheals - guitar and bass. Dance to smokey Celtic and Cape Breton fiddling with solid rhythm on the guitar and rounded out by melody and accompaniment on the concertina. Gwen Rousseau calls.
  • March 31 - Bandemonium – LeeAnne Welch (fiddle) and Eric Anderson (piano). Classic contra tunes with energy tailored for the dancers. Susie Kendig calls.
  • April 7 - Dave Bartley, Claude Ginsberg, Brandon Vance. Woody Lane calls.
  • April 14 - Northern Contraband is Steve Blum-Anderson on fiddle, Mark Danielson on concertina, whistle, and fiddle, Eileen Sterns on mandolin and banjo, Greg Sherman on upright bass and bass ukulele, and Michael Hobart on guitar. Tarka Ayres calls.
  • April 21 - Waxwings: Jesse Partridge (fiddle), Alex Sturbaum (guitar, accordion), Amy Englesberg (piano, accordion). They play energetic and driving music, offering a blend of traditional and original tunes with plenty of funk. They sound like three contra musicians trying to have as much fun as humanly possible and making sure everyone else does as well. Warning: several accordions could appear on stage. Emma Anderson calls.
  • April 28 - Triple A – Audrey Knuth (fiddle & feet), Andrew VanNorstrand (fiddle & guitar), Amy Englesberg (keyboard & accordion). Sarah VanNorstrand calls.
  • May 5 - The Euphemists: Alan Snyder – fiddle; Dave Goldman – keyboard; Jerry Nelson - guitar & sax; Paula Hamlin - sax, flute, & whistle; Kaye Blesener – trombone.
  • May 12 - The Hat Band – Jon Neff, Syd Newell, Bonnie Voss, & Michael Voss.
  • May 19 - Coriolis
  • May 26 - No dance at Phinney. Instead, dance at Northwest Folklife.
  • June 2 - Uncle Farmer. Susan Petrick calls.
  • June 9 - InTentCity – Betz Richards (fiddle), David Richards (percussion), Graham Richards (guitar), and Seth Richards (bass & piano).

The crowds return...

Yes, it's that time of the year when the hall fills up and we sometimes limit attendance to meet the occupancy limit of the hall. Please realize that we need to follow the laws and rules of the City of Seattle in order to continue hosting the dance that you enjoy so much. Thanks.

For more information about crowds (and the dance in general), click here.

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