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Who we are
Misty City Morris is a women’s Cotswold-style Morris side located in Seattle, Washington, USA. The traditions we perform are Thames Valley Fieldtown, Ilmington, and Lake Union. The Lake Union tradition was created by Misty City Morris and our erstwhile foreman, Amy Brewer.

Learn to Morris dance and join the fun!

Misty City Morris is seeking energetic women and girls age 14 and up to join our happy team. If you’d like to give it a try, sign up for our Introduction to Morris Dancing class on Wednesday nights from April 1 – May 6. Class is from 7-8 pm at the Phinney Neighborhood Center (Room 2 of the Blue Building). Class fee is $45, payable in cash or by check at the first class meeting.  We’ll teach the basic stepping and figures and introduce you to the joys of dancing with bells, hankies, and sticks. You’ll be encouraged to join us for early morning festivities on May Day, when all Seattle’s Morris teams converge
on Gas Works Park to dance in the dawn. To register, contact misty.city at comcast.net or call (425) 865-9368.

When and where we practice

Summer practices are typically held at Gas Works Park, while winter practice usually takes place at Greenwood Elementary School. Contact misty.city at comcast.net for our current Wednesday night practice schedule and location.

Ogo Pogo

Misty City Morris Performance Schedule Banner

May Day 5:52AM “We were up, long before the day – o” – Greet the dawn with all the Seattle Morris Dance sides at Gasworks Park – listen for bells and music, watch for leaping figures…. Dancing from sunrise until approximately 7AM.

NW Folklife Festival Check back for more info …

Misty City is available to dance at YOUR special event, school, library, party, etc. Our fees are reasonable, so please contact our Squire: misty.city at comcast.net if you are interested.


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History of Ogo PogoOur Ogo Pogo was created by Terry McManus of “Puppets Please.” Terry moved to Seattle from San Diego, where she also created “Barleycorn,” the unicorn hobby used by Morton Bay Fig Morris of San Diego. Terry danced briefly with Misty City. She now lives in Kingston, WA.

Officially, Ogo Pogo lives in Lake Okanogan in British Columbia during the fall and winter and dances with Misty City during the spring and summer. Sometimes Ogo Pogo ventures forth from the lake for a special appearance at a winter performance, but for the most part, Ogo stays home during the cold months.

Picture of Ogo

Ogo with Catherine restraining

Frequently Asked Questions About Ogo Pogo

Is Ogo Pogo a boy sea dragon or a girl sea dragon?

The truth is, we don’t know. No one on the team knows how to determine the sex of a sea dragon, and Ogo isn’t telling. Linda knows how to sex a snake, Karen can sex a flea, and Elizabeth can sex a shark; among the three of us you’d think we could figure it out. Ogo seems to adopt the gender of the person riding him/her.

Valerie has suggested that Ogo Pogo may be a baby.

What does Ogo Pogo eat?

Money. Lots of it. Especially the green kind. Ogo will eat the silver and copper kind, but those are hard on Ogo’s teeth.

Picture of Ogo
PogoOgo Pogo and Island Thyme’s dragon If Ogo Pogo is from a British Columbian lake, why isn’t he or she dancing with a British Columbian Morris team?

Perhaps because none of them invited him/her.

Copyright © Misty City Morris 1998. All rights reserved. Sketch of Ogo Pogo Copyright © Ashley J. Harper 1998. All rights reserved.