Emerald City Contra Dance Set Lists – 2020

Dances and authors are links to search on The Callers Box. (Thanks to Chris Page and Michael Dyck.) No guarantees that dances are available there; however, they are always getting new content, so check back later if you don’t see it now. Also, no guarantees that we or the callers transcribed the dances correctly.

Feb 21 – Jesse Partridge with The Euphemists

  1. The Big EasyBecky Hill
  2. Autumn AirCary Ravitz
  3. Rosemary Hills ReelJim Kitch
  4. In CahootsRick Mohr
  5. The Equal TurnTom Hinds

Set Break

  1. California Twirlin’Janet Levatin
  2. Labor of LoveKathy Anderson
  3. Swap MeetChris Page
  4. BoomerangGene Hubert
  5. United We DanceBob Isaacs

Feb 14 – Joe Michaels with The Luddite Ramblers

  1. Frederick ContraTom Hinds
  2. Chuck the BudgieRick Mohr
  3. SweetheartMelanie Axel-Lute
  4. Chinese New YearChris Page
  5. The Wedding RingsEvan Shepherd

Set Break – Waltzing with the One I Love by Sarah Armstrong

  1. Spare PartsJim Kitch
  2. Snake Dream IIWill Mentor
  3. Flirting AffairSteve Zakon-Anderson
  4. Square AffairBecky Hill
  5. Medley

Feb 7 – Rich Goss with Merriweather

  1. Fredericks ContraTom Hinds
  2. Young Adult RoseDavid Kaynor
  3. The CarouselTom Hinds
  4. Marshmallows in FlightRich Goss
  5. Marianne the MagnificentSusan Elberger
  6. I-95 BluesRich Goss

Set Break

  1. Warren’s Roadhouse ReelRich Goss
  2. The Missing PieceBronwyn Woods
  3. Coconut Cream PieLynn Ackerson
  4. Ben’s Spinoff #3Gene Hubert
  5. Tika Tika TimingDean Snipes

Jan 31 – Tarka Ayers with The Try-Works

  1. The Baby RoseDavid Kaynor
  2. Tika Tika TimingDean Snipes
  3. Delphiniums and DaisiesTanya Rotenberg
  4. Black Bird in the NightDon Flaherty
  5. Spare PartsJim Kitch

Set Break

  1. Passion BreakdownCary Ravitz
  2. Turning in TurnBob Isaacs
  3. Falling in Love AgainKen Bonner
  4. Hay in the BarnChart Guthrie
  5. ButterGene Hubert

Jan 24 – Michael Karcher with The Electrodes

  1. Get Me GoingLisa Greenleaf
  2. Forgotten DreamMichael Karcher
  3. Hocus PocusLisa Greenleaf
  4. Once More With FeelingIsaac Banner
  5. Sarah’s JourneyGene Hubert
  6. McKenzie RiverWilliam Watson

Set Break

  1. Balance and BounceMarty Fager
  2. Train DelayMaia McCormick
  3. Star TrekMike Richardson
  4. Rapid Fire Medley – Various
  5. Heartbeat ContraDon Flaherty

Jan 17 – Adam Carlson with The Bob May Experience

  1. Thanks to the GeneTom Hinds
  2. Monday Night in BallardMike Richardson
  3. Young at HeartSteve Zakon-Anderson
  4. Trip to Brown UniversityLinda Leslie
  5. 500 Miles, One Step at a TimeAdam Carlson
  6. La Grande VoyageAdam Carlson

Set Break

  1. California Clover (var)Rick Mohr ?
  2. The Queen BeeAdam Carlson
  3. Marian’s Delight (var)Carol Kopp (modified by Larry Edelman and George Marshall)
  4. Hocus PocusLisa Greenleaf

Jan 10 – Susan Michaels with Kate Powers and David Rivers

  1. Catch a Falling StarMelanie Axel-Lute
  2. JubilationGene Hubert
  3. Unknown dance* – Lisa Greenleaf
  4. Reddie to RollCary Ravitz
  5. Silent PartnerBob Isaacs

Set Break

  1. Spring FeverTony Parkes
  2. Double Mud PigRick Mohr
  3. Star of the County AlamedaYoyo Zhou
  4. Apples and Concord GrapesYoyo Zhou
  5. Southern SummerCary Ravitz

* Unknown dance – Lisa Greenleaf
A1: (6) Circle left 3/4; (10) Neighbor Swing
A2: (8) Right and left through; (8) Star left
B1: with next neighbor (4) Right hand balance; (4) Box the Gnat; (8) Mad Robin
B2: (6) Larks pass right shoulder; (10) Partner Swing

Jan 3 – Cancelled