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Lake City Contra/Old Time Country Dance

Every Thursday at
Lake City Community Center

12531 - 28th Ave NE

8:00pm till 11:00pm,
Free introductory "dance skills" workshop every week at 7:30pm
Admission $10 (students & seniors $8, kids & first-time contradancers free).

Please respect the health needs of many dancers and come fragrance-free.
For more information call 206-525-0932.

Schedule of bands and callers:

May 7-"The Syncopaths" (Ryan McKasson, Jeff Spero, Ashley Broder, Christa Burch – CA & WA - fiddle, mandolin, piano, bodhran) "bring a fresh, contemporary spin to music rooted in Scottish, Irish, and American folk traditions", with an utterly irresistable dance beat!   Graceful caller Lindsey Dono has her finger right on the pulse.

May 14-"Chassez": Vivian & Phil Williams – genuine icons of NW traditional music – team up with Terry Wergeland to cavort on fiddle, mandolin, guitar, & piano for our dancing pleasure!   Vancouver BC caller Maureen Collier is a sure-fire crowd pleaser!

May 21-Kick off your NW Folklife Festival weekend with "Karen's Jumpstarters": Seattle's Karen Iglitzin on fiddle & daughter Ariana Nelson on cello (grad of Rice Univ, incoming freshman at Juilliard!), + Olympia's Eric Schlorff on harmonica, squeezebox, & stand-up bass, + Portland's Gordy Euler on fiddle, Jeff Kerssen-Griep on guitar/percussion; & Sue Songer on piano! Perennial fav David Kaynor (Montague, MA) calls and fiddles (yes, at the same time!)

May 28-"The Fixations" (Laurie Andres, Cathie Whitesides, Sandy Bradley on accordion, fiddle, guitar, and piano) will more than satisfy your dance cravings with their joyous melodies and energizing rhythms. Astute caller LauraMe' Smith takes us on a zesty ride!

June 4-Enjoy a garden of musical delights with "The Quite Contraries" (Mary Varnum, Olga Hauptmann, & Nancy Peterson - fiddles, Ruth Stark - cello, Dick Curtiss - mandolin, Sue Holt – fiddle & clarinet, Melissa Coffey – whistles, Will Brown & Theresa Bowes – guitars, & Doug Plummer - piano). Eric Curl calls contras that always make us smile!

June 11-Kick up your heels with the high-energy music of "Minnie Pearl Jam" (Frank Blade, Claudia Anastasio, Dave Leddel, Cary Lung, & Nancy Katz on fiddles, banjo, mandolin, guitar, & bass). Lively caller Amy Carroll will get us whoopin' & hollerin'!

June 18-True-blue dance tunes from Acadia/Quebec are soulfully played by "La Famille Léger" (Devon, Louis, Dejah, & Barbara on fiddle, accordion, piano, guitar, & "les pieds")! Suzanne Girardot calls dances that are a perfect fit.

June 25-Olympia's "RiffRaff" features Lindon Toney, Jesse Partridge, & friends cavorting merrily on fiddles & guitar – and another surprise instrument? Playful, adept caller Andrea Nettleton (from Atlanta, GA) is an extra treat!

July 2-Master musicians Stuart Williams (fiddle, guitar) & Terry Wergeland (piano) team up with talented teenage fiddler Oliver Abrahamson for an evening of multi-generational bliss. Joe Micheals combines great taste in dances with the best "caller voice" in town!

July 9-Elias Alexander (Boston, MA - border pipes, percussion, whistle) & Daniel Carr (guitar); Tom & Amy Wimmer callers

July 16-"Triple A" (Audrey Knuth, Andrew VanNorstrand, Amy Englesberg – MA & NY - fiddles, guitar, piano, feet); Noah Grunzweig (Portland) caller

July 23-"The Onlies" (Riley Calcagno, Sami Braman, Leo Shannon, RuthMabel Boyntz – fiddles, guitar, mandolin, banjo, bass); Sherry Nevins caller

July 30-George Wilson (Wynantskill, NY) & Laurie Andres – fiddle & piano; Mary Devlin (Portland) caller

Aug 6- NO DANCE tonight

Aug 13-"The Quarks" (Betsy Branch, Bill Tomczak, Terry Wergeland – Portland & Seattle - fiddle, clarinet, sax, piano; Erik Weberg (Portland) caller

Aug 20-"The Wisenheimers" (Alan Snyder & Dave Goldman – Portland - fiddle & piano); Laurel Thomas (Portland) caller

Aug 27-Dave Bartley, Marni Rachmiel, Natalie Stephens, & ? - fiddle, flute, sax, trombone, guitar, mandolin, cittern, cajon; Michael Karcher caller

Sept 3-Ruthie Dornfeld (fiddle) & Larry Unger (Boston - guitar); David Millstone (NH) caller

Sept 10-"Countercurrent" (Brian Lindsey & Alex Sturbaum + Brendan Taaffe [Brattleboro VT] – fiddles, guitar, mbira) ; David Kaynor (Montague, MA) caller

Sept 17-"Uncle Farmer" (Ben Schreiber & Michael Sokolovsky – CA – PLUS Scotty Leach – fiddles, guitar, piano, foot percussion) ; Maggie Jo Saylor (Chicago, IL) caller

Sept 24- TBA

Oct 1- TBA

Oct 8-Claude Ginsburg, Ryan McCasson, & Dave Bartley (fiddles, mandolin, guitar, cittern, cajon); Woody Lane (Roseburg, OR) caller & foot percussion

Oct 15-"The Contra Quartet" (Jesse Partridge - fiddle, Jay Finkelstein - guitar, Julie Bennett - percussion, & Steve Cifka - cello - Olympia); Lindsey Dono caller

Oct 22-"The Rhythm Raptors" (Rodney Miller – fiddle, TJ Crow – mandolin, Jeff Spero – piano, Mark "Pokey" Hellenberg – percussion, Ralph Gordon – bass) ; Gaye Fifer (Pittsburgh, PA) caller

Oct 29-"The Euphemists" (Alan Snyder, Dave Goldman, Paula Hamlin, Kaye Blesener, Jerry Nelson - Portland, OR – fiddle, keyboard, sax, clarinet, trombone, flute, whistle, guitar, percussion)

Nov 5-"Heliotrope" (Paul Englesberg - flutes, concertina, Robin Brown - fiddle, Michael Hobart - guitar – Bellingham

Nov 12- TBA

Nov 19-"The Syncopaths" (Ryan McKasson, Jeff Spero, Ashley Broder, Christa Burch – CA & WA - fiddle, mandolin, piano, bodhran) ; & George Marshall (MA) caller

Nov 25-SPECIAL Thanksgiving Eve Dance!

Dec 3-"The Frequent Flyers" (Laura Light, Jeff Spero, Dave Bartley – VA, CA, WA – fiddle, piano, guitar, mandolin, cajon)

Dec 10-"Contra Sutra" (Ryan McKasson, Marni Rachmiel, Dave Bartley, & Russell S) fiddle & viola, flute & sax, guitar, mandolin, cittern, percussion

Please read footprints for a brief history of this dance series.

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