Welcome to the...

Binary Blackout

Energized by the revolutionary fusion between contra, swing, blues dancing and the electronic vibrations that pulse throughout you as you dance- It's going to be a voyage to extraterrestrial boundaries of techno contra.


Our techno beats will be taken to an other-worldly level thanks to the technetronic mastery of DJ Bennettian. I do not believe it is possible to truly prepare your mind for the mind-blasting musical talents that we will be so honorably graced with by this engineer of the fattest grooves you have ever heard.


We will be led by the noble and exuberant Captain Wendy Graham, hailing from her headquarters in Durango, CO. She will be calling our twists, dips and laser gun shoot outs for the evening's endeavor into the depths of our bass-driven existences.

The Mission:

So galatic vagabonds of dance- here is the information:

What: One of the most awesome nights of dancing to come to this planet

When: August 21, 2010

  • 8:00 Doors open
  • 8:30 Let the cosmic dancing commence
  • 10:00 Break
  • 10:20 Resume celestial dance euphoria
  • 12:30 End and cleanup

Where: Sonny Newman's Dance Hall
201 North 85th Street
Seattle, WA

Why: C'mon. Seriously. Why not?!

How: Bodies + Outerspace + Heavy Bass = The Binary Blackout

Ability Level:


I encourage those who may not experienced dancers, but are extremely interested in taking part in this star-speckled adventure, to attend the local dances in your area. As mentioned earlier- this mission is not for rookies and will undoubtedly contain fast paced thinking, atmospheric quakes, and aliens. We will not be training rookies at the dance (no walkthroughs or beginner lessons), so do your training beforehand or aliens might very well eat you.

[If you hear about this event through a friend, please consider your skill level and whether or not you think that you are ready for such a mission. If you are unsure of what you are up against, there are a variety of videos that can be found on youtube of techno contras that may allow you to better assess your skills in relation to the intensity ahead i.e. fast pace, flashing lights, flourishes such as twirls, spins and dips, etc]


You are going to want to be dressed appropriately for this galactic adventure. Temperatures will be hot. Movement and extreme flexibility are mandatory requirements for body wear. Due to the teleportation technology that has been developed, your mission will occur in the year 2270, yeah- the future. And yeah- outer space.

Come equipped with your space suit, your reflective futuristic gear, or your robotic threads.


Pre-sale tickets: $15
At the door ticket: $20

Checks & cash can be sent to my home address:
Chelsea Co
4347 243rd Ave SE
Issaquah, WA

You can also give me the money if you see me (Chelsea Co) at a Thursday (Lake City) or Friday (Phinney Ridge) dance. If this is the route you want to go please check with me if I will be there. Mailing them is still the best strategy.

The last day to send payments will be August 11, 2010 [must be postmarked by then]


As for volunteer positions, I need 2 people to work the door. One for the first half and then one for the second half. You can switch off, but there needs to be someone at the door at all times. Volunteers get in for free, but you must do your job if you commit to this position.


If you wish to be a part of this celestial endeavor, please RSVP as soon as possible. If you know of someone who would like to join us on this mission, but does not possess the communication tool of Facebook, my email is co.chelsea@gmail.com and I would appreciate just being notified of your intent to accompany us on this endeavor so I can estimate how many will be in attendance.

I would greatly appreciate the initiative of those who support this mission by buying pre-sale tickets, as to allow the officers at headquarters to execute this enterprise confidently. (aka: buying pre-sale tickets is premium for me and saves you money too! w00t!)

Remember again: This is an advanced dance, that's not saying anyone is forbidden to come, but it is definitely going to be set at a caliber for more experienced dancers.

The cosmic chaos that will ensue will be beautiful, filled with grace and not without a very heavy dose of atmosphere.

(Oh- and it's my 20th birthday partaaay)

Live long and prosper.


Last modified 06/16/10.