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Lake City Contra/Old Time Country Dance

Every Thursday at
Lake City Community Center

12531 - 28th Ave NE

8:00pm till 11:00pm,
Free introductory "dance skills" workshop every week at 7:30pm
Admission $10 (students & seniors $8, kids & first-time contradancers free).

Please respect the health needs of many dancers and come fragrance-free.
For more information call 206-525-0932.

Schedule of bands and callers:

Sept 10-Let yourself be swept away in the powerful swirls and eddies of "Countercurrent": Brian Lindsey & Alex Sturbaum PLUS Brendan Taaffe [Brattleboro VT] on fiddles, accordion, guitar, & mbira! Ace caller David Kaynor (Montague, MA) is our very trusty guide.   

Sept 17-Fun sprouts fast when planted by the creative hands of "Uncle Farmer" (Ben Schreiber & Michael Sokolovsky – CA - on fiddle, guitar, & foot percussion). Vivacious caller Maggie Jo Saylor (Chicago, IL) amps it up with her unique energy and style!

Sept 24-"Tapsalteerie" (Jon Singleton, Clare Woolgrove, Jan Martindale, Nick Leininger, & Sam Good on fiddles, concertina, guitar, & bass) - their name means "topsy-turvy", but their lively music is definitely right side up! Eric Curl (plus delightful guest caller Jesse Partridge from Olympia) calls great contras, cleanly & clearly.

Oct 1-Lots of homegrown talent fuels the driving pulse of "Woodchuck's Revenge" (Jerry Berger, Suzanne Girardot, Nancy Katz, Terry Weiner, Harley & Shera Bray on fiddles, mandolin, banjo, guitar, & bass).   Masterful caller LauraMe' Smith always treats us to an intriguing and invigorating selection of dances!

Oct 8-The powerhouse trio of Claude Ginsburg, Ryan McCasson, & Dave Bartley (fiddles, mandolin, guitar, cittern, cajon) will knock your socks off! Woody Lane (Roseburg, OR) increases the excitement with his dynamic calling & foot percussion.

Oct 15-The wonderful "The Contra Quartet" (Jesse Partridge - fiddle, Jay Finkelstein - guitar, Julie Bennett - percussion, & Steve Cifka - cello - Olympia) is sure to push all your dancing pleasure buttons. Graceful caller Lindsey Dono smoothly conducts the concerto of fun!

Oct 22-From coast to coast "The Rhythm Raptors" (Rodney Miller – fiddle, TJ Crow – mandolin, Jeff Spero – piano, Mark "Pokey" Hellenberg – percussion, Ralph Gordon – bass) grab dancers with their irresistably rockin' & groovin' dance music! Caller Gaye Fifer (Pittsburgh, PA) lays out the most tempting bait.

Oct 29-"The Euphemists" (Alan Snyder, Dave Goldman, Paula Hamlin, Kaye Blesener, & Jerry Nelson - Portland, OR) romp merrily on a delectable array of instruments - fiddle, keyboard, sax, clarinet, trombone, flute, whistle, guitar, & percussion. Susan Petrick (CA) calls from a tasty menu of sweet and savory dances!

Nov 5-The intoxicating bouquet of "Heliotrope" (Paul Englesberg on flutes & concertina, Robin Brown on fiddle, & Michael Hobart on guitar - Bellingham) refreshes body and spirit. Astute caller Marlin Prowell brings a garland of well-chosen contras.

Nov 12-"Steve & Brad Band Fortified" (Steve Blum-Anderson, Brad Reynolds, Jay Finkelstein – fiddle, accordion, guitar, piano); Valerie Cohen caller

Nov 19-"The Syncopaths" (Ryan McKasson, Jeff Spero, Ashley Broder, Christa Burch – CA & WA - fiddle, mandolin, piano, bodhran) ; & George Marshall (MA) caller

WED Nov 25- SPECIAL Thanksgiving Eve Dance! "Charles Street Messengers" (Brandon Hunter – trombone, Brittain Barber – sax, Tyler Hamilton – electric guitar, Dylan Hughes – electric bass, Kyle Kirkpatrick – drums, Minami Fukuda - keyboard & vocals);   Sherry Nevins caller

Dec 3-"The Frequent Flyers" (Laura Light, Jeff Spero, Dave Bartley – VA, CA, WA – fiddle, piano, guitar, mandolin, cajon); Eric Black (SF, CA) caller

Dec 10-"Contra Sutra" (Ryan McKasson, Marni Rachmiel, Dave Bartley, & Russell S) fiddle & viola, flute & sax, guitar, mandolin, cittern, percussion ; Michael Karcher caller

Dec 17-Eileen Nicholson (Syracuse, NY) & Eric Anderson - fiddle & piano; Bob Nicholson caller

Dec 24-It's time for a Klezmer Contra (Bernice Maslan & many friends!); David Kaynor (Montague, MA) caller

Dec 31- NO DANCE TONIGHT - Have a Happy New Year!

JAN 7, 2016-"Gallimaufry" (Brian Lindsay, Alex Sturbaum, Arthur Davis, Ness Smith Savedoff, & Donal Sheets - Ohio & WA (fiddle, guitar, button accordion, piano, banjo, trumpet, cello, guitar, drums, percussion, & vocals); LauraMe' Smith caller

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