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Lake City Contra/Old Time Country Dance

Every Thursday at
Lake City Community Center

12531 - 28th Ave NE

8:00pm till 11:00pm,
Free introductory "dance skills" workshop every week at 7:30pm
Admission $10 (students & seniors $8, kids & first-time contradancers free).

Please respect the health needs of many dancers and come fragrance-free.
For more information call 206-525-0932.

Schedule of bands and callers:

Jan 8-Karen Iglitzin, Roger Nelson, & Ariana Nelson (fiddle, piano, cello) weave a beautiful blanket of original and traditional melodies to warm a wintry night of hearty dancing! Experienced caller Jack Mitchell (Durham, NC) makes his Pacific NW debut.

Jan 15-Lee Anne Welch (SF,CA) & Eric Anderson (Seattle) – fiddle & piano - this dynamic duo will put a grin on your face and a spring in your step! Endearing caller Linnaea Chapman treats us to a fine selection of dances.

Jan 22-Go for a rollicking ride on the high seas of contradance adventure with "The Rhythm Rollers" (Cathie Whitesides, Laurie Andres, & WB Reid on fiddle, accordion, guitar, & banjo-guitar). Portland caller Gordy Euler is our trusty navigator!

Jan 29-Our pals Sean Bolton, Melissa Coffey, & Doug Plummer (fiddle, flute, whistle, sax, & piano) bring their exuberant music from living-room-house-parties to the dance hall! LauraMe' Smith calls great dances with style and grace.

Feb 5-Superstar band "Stringrays" (Rodney Miller, Sam Bartlett, Max Newman, Stuart Kenney, & Mark Hellenberg on fiddle, mandolin, guitar, bass & percussion) lights up the town with "improvisational string music, from the raucous to the sublime"!   Ace caller Frannie Marr brings some California sunshine our way.

Feb 12-"Countercurrent" (Alex Sturbaum and Brian Lindsay – recent transplants from Ohio) energetically blends streams of Irish, Quebecois, and old-time tunes on fiddle, accordion & guitar.   Charming caller Lindsey Dono directs the flow.

Feb 19-We're glad that these three busy and talented musicians are "Making Time": Susan Burke, Terry Wergeland, & Joe Micheals (fiddle, piano, guitar, bass). Sunny caller Cindy Holmes personifies FUN like no one else!

Feb 26-"Sassafrass Stomp" (Johanna Davis & Adam Nordell - fiddle, guitar, foot percussion) "is a high-energy dance band with one foot in Maine and one foot in western Montana".    Caller Rachel Wallace (Chicago) loves to get dancers in the groove.

Mar 5-"Buddy System": Noah VanNordstrand (of "The Great Bear Trio") & Julie Vallimont (of "Nor'easter") - fiddle, piano, mouth harp, & foot percussion, from NY & MA - are known for bravely venturing into contemporary electronic realms within the context of traditional dance music. Superb caller Will Mentor (VT) is our fearless leader!

Mar 12-10th Annual CONTRA MARATHON - benefit for NW Folklife Festival! 17 callers + 6 bands = 3 hours of non-stop, no walk-thru FUN! Jump in or out at ends of the lines to rest, rehydrate, & change partners…or play along with the bands…part of the Cascade Promenade weekend.

Mar 19-"Kerplunk" - formerly BLT Sandwich - (Betsy Alexander, Laurie Andres, Tony Mates – fiddle, accordion, guitar); Craig Wolfe caller

Mar 26-"Les Trois Capitains" (Devon Leger, Clyde Curley, Eric Schlorff- fiddles, accordion, guitar, harmonica, feet); Carol Piening caller

Apr 2-"BAM!" (Brandon Vance, Anita Anderson, Marni Rachmiel – fiddle, flute, sax, piano); Kelsey Hartman (CA) caller Free admission - dance hosted by Michael Klinger in celebration of his birthday!

Apr 9-"Group du Jour" (Clyde Curley, David Cahn, Bill Meyer, Jerry Gallaher - fiddles, accordion, guitar, banjo, piano, feet); Gaye Fifer (Pittsburgh, PA) caller

Apr 16-"Tinkers Dram" (Brid Nowlan, Howard Good, Cheryl Phillips Adcock, & Jalaine Madura – fiddle, accordion, bass, & guitar); Eric Curl & Clare Woolgrove callers

Apr 23-"The Coffey Party" (Cathie Whitesides, Melissa Coffey, Amy Carroll - fiddle, flute, whistle, sax, piano); Suzanne Girardot caller

Apr 30-"Bulldog Dan" (Armin Barnett & friends); Kathy Anderson (Ohio) caller

May 7-"The Syncopaths" (Ryan McKasson, Jeff Spero, Ashley Broder, Christa Burch – CA & WA - fiddle, mandolin, piano, bodhran)

May 14-"Chassez" (Vivian & Phil Williams, Terry Wergeland) fiddle, mandolin, guitar, piano;

May 21-pre-Folklife Festival super band with David Kaynor (Montague, MA) calling

May 28-"The Fixations" (Laurie Andres, Cathie Whitesides, Sandy Bradley - accordion, fiddle, guitar, piano); LauraMe' Smith caller

Please read footprints for a brief history of this dance series.

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